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When chatting simply is not good enough ...

CHARE lets people communicate via text message, poll, to-dos, chat or hotline from any device. With end-to-end level encryption and unique control features regarding the lifespan of messages, CHARE is the perfect communication platform for your business.

When chatting simply is not good enough

Organize your conversations in private or public channels. Create a public channel for a group, a topic or a specific project and provide a new kind of transparency. For more sensitive information create a private channel to actively control access to restricted information.

CHARE App - Channels

With CHARE deleted content is instantly gone from any connected device of any member in any channel. No matter how big your group is, whether someone is online or offline, you can rest assured your deleted content is no longer accessible to anyone.

CHARE App Message gone
CHARE App Message gone

The thread status feature keeps everyone in the loop and increases accountability. Create channels for groups, projects, departments or anything and see when messages are delivered and who has acted upon polls or to-dos … , in real time.

CHARE App Acted Upon

CHARE offers you five different ways to get in touch with your group, team, audience. The five different ways are: Text message, poll, chat, hotline. Additionally we let you store your favorite messages as templates for quick access and easy reuse.

To reach out to a colleague directly, you can send them a 1:1 Message. It’s always private and completely secure.

CHARE App - Channel sharing

Easily share one of your channels or a subscribed channel by simply swiping the respective channel to the right and pick one of two options. Send an invitation link or simply share the unique QR-Code of that channel.

CHARE allows you to set your availability system-wide and on a channel level specifically. Rest assured knowing you’ll never miss an important message again, while less important messages just bypassing you.

CHARE App - location feature

Location sharing allows you to propose a meeting location, get directions and update colleagues on where you are with just a few simple clicks.

We currently offer mobile clients for iOS and Android. Additionally, we offer a web-client for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


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